online plagiarism checker

online plagiarism checker

The Importance of Using an Online Plagiarism Checker

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online plagiarism checker
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1. Introduction

Uploading copyrighted material to the internet has become a common practice, whether it be intentional or not. The problem that arises is when someone takes this material and uses it for their own benefit. With the presence of search engines such as Google, locating specific written passages online is not a difficult task for people who are looking to copy material. The kind of people that would plagiarize written work is anyone from a student up to a professional researcher. An online plagiarism checker provides a quick, simple method of discovering any copied work, and for most cases, the resolution will have a legal course of action. A recent UK study suggests that as many as one in five students have used someone else’s work without permission. With the abundance of written content available on the internet now and in the future, an accurate percentage can be assumed to be even higher. Due to this expectation of plagiarized work, the need for an online plagiarism checker is becoming more and more prevalent. This tool is not only an aid to the original author’s work, but it serves as a deterrent to anyone thinking of copying someone else’s work in fear of being caught. is an online tool that you can use to help you determine whether or not your work is free from plagiarized material. You simply copy and paste the written work you want to check, and within seconds the program will scour the internet for references to any material similar to what you have posted. The website is free to use and provides reasonable peace of mind to those who are concerned about their work’s originality. Students, bloggers, and copywriters are among the primary demographics that can benefit from this tool. Given the increasing ease with which written work can be copied and reproduced, the presence of such software provides a means of security for those who want to protect their work.

2. Benefits of Using an Online Plagiarism Checker

Finally, a very important benefit of using a plagiarism checker is that it can help to avoid serious consequences from accidentally copying another person’s work. In many cases, people don’t intentionally plagiarize. It is just an unfortunate mistake from being forgetful or not well informed on what constitutes as plagiarism. By simply checking your work before submission, you can find and amend any errors and potentially save yourself from harsh penalties.

Furthermore, plagiarism checkers can help to save the reputation of a company or individual. It is far too easy these days for information to be published on the internet, and if it’s plagiarism, the original source is likely to be missed, with people assuming that it’s the work of the most recent author. Being caught out for plagiarism can result in a heavy loss of credibility and damage to a person’s readership. By using a plagiarism checker, a person can feel safe in the knowledge that their work is their own and that it’s safe to publish or submit it to the intended location. This can provide peace of mind or reassurance for those who have had similar writing ideas to others.

Another useful feature of plagiarism checkers is the ability to check for duplicate content off the internet. This is beneficial for website owners or writers who do not want their content to be unintentionally copied by others. It can also help individuals researching a particular topic by highlighting sections of content that are closely similar to other written work and therefore may need to be reworded.

There are many benefits to using an online plagiarism checker. It can assist the user by making them more aware of what they have done and avert them from potential disaster. An individual may not be aware that they have plagiarized someone else’s work, accidentally forgetting to provide references or not paraphrasing the work enough. Using a plagiarism checker can help the individual to identify where they may have gone wrong and, in some cases, provide suggestions on how to improve the work, as well as help them to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. This is particularly useful for those learning English, where rephrasing sentences and using synonyms can be quite challenging.

Checking for any copied content in a work is crucial for institutions, as well as for the individual. Plagiarism can result in academic penalties, difficulties in the workforce caused by a lack of understanding and knowledge of the work that has been presented, as well as legal ramifications that can result in a severe loss of respect or, worse, loss of freedom. For this reason, an online plagiarism checker is vital to help avoid any of the possible problems mentioned.

3. How to Use an Online Plagiarism Checker

Using an online plagiarism checker is easy and efficient. After you have written your paper, essay, or thesis, simply log on to the internet and enter a few keywords into your search engine of choice. A huge number of links will appear, so you need to follow a few links until you have found something that will interest you. These sites only work to find references of written material in online content, so if you are worried that someone may have plagiarized your work, this will be helpful. People who have written articles on the same subject are most likely the target you are aiming to find. Next, you simply copy and paste a part or the whole of your work onto these sites and they will calculate how original your work is compared to a vast array of written material on the internet. Keep in mind that this method only compares your work with what is online, so if you have taken some information from a book or an offline publication, this will not be shown. This is a very simplistic but effective method to find out if someone has plagiarized something related to your work. Note that most good plagiarism checkers are not free, so be prepared to shell out a few bucks to use this service. Also, keep in mind that these websites will store a copy of your work to use as a reference to check against other written material. Only use this as a last resort if you are positive you have been plagiarized, as it may result in an ugly legal battle if the author of the work in question still decides to not give up without a fight.

4. Limitations of Online Plagiarism Checkers

The greatest limitation of online automatic plagiarism checking is that it is not infallible. Online checkers have the potential to reduce cases of accidental plagiarism by students and other writers. However, they should not be used with the assumption that they can detect every case of plagiarism, and it would be unwise to abolish manual checking and common sense. This is particularly important in academic settings. Teachers, publishers and other people who need to check the originality of text should not relinquish their critical reading skills. A machine can compare text to data, but it cannot replicate a human’s ability to understand that text, and detect subtle instances of inadequate paraphrasing and other forms of attempted plagiarism.

Another common problem with online plagiarism checkers is that they do not always return useful information. Reports which simply state the likelihood that content has been plagiarized, or provide a percentage score, are not helpful to the user. Users require an analysis of their text which highlights instances of potential plagiarism, and directs them to the original source. However, there are some checkers which are too thorough. They will reveal instances in which content has been cited correctly and is not in fact plagiarized, this can cause problems for users who need to distinguish between accidental and deliberate plagiarism.

As technology changes so quickly, online tools can become outdated soon after publication. The algorithms used in detection software are complex, and it is likely that changes will be made in the near future. Software companies like Turnitin that supply plagiarism detection services to universities are able to make small adjustments to their databases to ensure maximum efficacy. However, this is more difficult for free online services to achieve. It is therefore possible that an online plagiarism checker which is currently effective may become ineffective at detecting content that has been plagiarized.

5. Conclusion

Finally, we look to students with disabilities and non-native English speakers, who are statistically more likely to plagiarize. These students already have an increased vulnerability, and the use of online translators has become a citation-free alternative to writing papers in a second language. It is imperative for educators to advocate the use of resources to verify the originality of work for these students and to provide supportive instruction rather than punitive measures.

This brings us to the teaching of citing and referencing, an often overlooked topic in today’s cut and paste world. Though some students do plagiarize purposefully, others simply do not understand the complexities of using resources and proper citation. Unfortunately, many students are not receiving adequate and specific instruction on this topic and are hesitant to seek help. An online plagiarism checker can serve as a tool to bring this instruction to students in the privacy of their own homes.

Next, we look to students who are often overwhelmed and overworked. Many feel the need to cut corners in their coursework. They do not grasp the severity of the consequences if caught plagiarizing. The fact is that ignorance is no excuse and it does not make one immune to the repercussions of misconduct. Job applicants are finding out the hard way when potential employers check the originality of their resumes by entering them into a search engine. High school students are losing college scholarships and admissions. All this is ample reason for students to take the extra precautions to ensure their work is their own. Using an online plagiarism checker can help to verify the originality of their work and potentially avoid these negative consequences. With the click of the mouse, students can receive specific instruction on how to cite and reference their work properly.

In view of the growing number of companies competing for women’s time, please remember that there is always a need for representatives for the thirty-nine and a half hour day. Kemmons Wilson, Founder of Holiday Inn, said, “There is no such thing as a fast nickel, and this is a business of nickels.” I feel the need to stress the importance of using online plagiarism detection. Professors and teachers at all educational levels need to assume a defensive stance to protect the integrity and originality of student work, as well as reinforce their expectations for honesty and integrity. Failure to do so sends the message that plagiarism is acceptable and the consequences will be minimal if the student is caught. It is important to understand that plagiarists often justify their behavior with the near belief that everybody is doing it and it’s not a big deal.

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