plagiarism checker turnitin

plagiarism checker turnitin

The Importance of Using a Plagiarism Checker

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plagiarism checker turnitin
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1. Introduction

An acquaintance studying software engineering recently shared an experience he had when applying for a job at an illustrious software company. In the final interview, he was given a programming test where he was expected to write some simple code. He was given the job ahead of time, but wasn’t able to complete the test on the spot since he hadn’t practiced his own programming enough and instead had been copying and pasting code snippets from the internet. His employer recognized this and told him outright that had he followed through and actually learned to code, he would have been easily able to complete the task. He lost the job because of a lack of self-made knowledge, which is an effect of the plagiarism common in education today. Students need to be made aware of the future problems that plagiarists will face more than ever.

Plagiarism is unacceptable because it does not give the original author credit for their work, it takes away revenue from the content creators, and it hinders the plagiarist’s learning and self-improvement. When a student takes another’s work and submits it as their own, they are depriving themselves the chance to learn and improve on their own skills. No student will ever learn and improve their writing if they merely copy and paste. Success in this modern age is dependent on being able to provide useful skills and services, and students will be ill-prepared to enter the workforce if they were able to skate through educational institutions without having actually learned anything. Global outsourcing of skilled services and labor means that competition for jobs will be high. If students today are unable to secure their own knowledge and ideas, they will be hard-pressed to get employment in the future. The effects that plagiarists face in the workforce can already be seen today.

In a world where it’s exceedingly difficult to create original content and ideas, the education sector faces an even greater challenge to educate students to not plagiarize. Many students are unclear of what plagiarism really is. It is widely thought of as copying and pasting another’s work and then submitting it as your own. Academic dishonesty is a much bigger drain on education than most people realize. Plagiarism often goes undetected due to lack of enforcement and understanding. Students need to realize the direct correlation between proper education and success. Educators and students need to understand the problems that plagiarism presents in the education sector in order to address the issue.

2. Benefits of Using a Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is a very popular grammar and spell check tool. This tool can be very useful for students and teachers alike. Many people use this tool mainly because people are just plain bad at grammar and spelling. It saves people the time of having to use a dictionary or revise someone’s work for errors. It is as simple as pasting writing or an article into Microsoft Word. By either selecting the free or paid service, the application will automatically check for errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. This is a very helpful tool for students writing papers. Unfortunately, some use this tool to check for plagiarism. As a result, there is much debate on whether or not Grammarly promotes cheating. Word choice is something that many people find very hard to suggest alternative choices for. While Grammarly can provide improvement suggestions, it is very easy for a student to just select the suggested word, effectively plagiarizing someone else’s word choice. The extent of how severe the use of Grammarly can be considered as cheating is debatable. This demonstrates how easily a seemingly harmless tool can be misused for unsavory purposes.

Plagiarism checkers are a key tool for teachers today to check and see if the work submitted from students is original. They check to see if students have copied someone else’s work and used it as their own. Many teachers now utilize plagiarism checkers to determine if a student’s work is authentic. A website will take a paper that a student has written and run it through the plagiarizing tool. This tool can help determine if a student is cheating. Teachers can use a plagiarism checker with their students, or the students can check their own papers. This helps to pinpoint areas that need rephrasing. It also enables the student to make sure their work is cited appropriately. Students need to be instructed and guided on how to use the check application properly. Failure to do so is where many problems with this technology arise.

3. How to Use Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

After clicking the ‘Submit a Paper’ icon, instructors are taken to a page to populate the submission details. The first thing to do is select the type of submission from the first drop box. Text submission is the most common choice. Next, give the submission a title. This is a mandatory field. The grading standard is optional. It allows the instructor to select a grading standard that has been created for the class. At the bottom of this page, select the paper to be submitted and click ‘submit’.

The first step to using the plagiarism checker is to submit a paper to the Turnitin database. This is where students upload their papers to be checked. If an instructor wishes to submit a paper on behalf of a student, they can do so by clicking the ‘enroll’ link next to a student’s name. This will take the instructor to a view of the class without the student login. The instructor can now submit a paper by clicking ‘Submit a Paper’ as if they were the student.

Submitting a Paper.

Once an account has been created for Turnitin, and an educator has logged in, they are taken to the homepage of their personal account. Here, an instructor can add a class to their account by clicking on the ‘Add a Class’ tab. This will allow the option of enrolling students into a class where assignments can be submitted to the Turnitin database. After a class has been added, the students’ submissions to that class can be checked for plagiarism. To do this, click on the name of the class. This will take the instructor to the Class Homepage. On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a list of icons. Click on the icon that says ‘Submit a Paper’.

Introducing the Turnitin Plagiarism Checker.

4. Limitations of Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

In conclusion, Turnitin is quite reliable for checking student assignments for any possibility of plagiarized or duplicated data, with various reports providing information about the checking results. However, the privacy issue and the use of this program, which almost forces students to store their documents in a global database, could be a big drawback for students who feel that Turnitin does not truly respect their honesty.

This plagiarism checker uses a digital fingerprint called the “Digital receipt” from the submitted document. This receipt is then compared with various databases from the internet and previous submissions. If a similarity is found, Turnitin will provide a report in the form of linked sources that show the matching data, and it will also provide the original document. Unfortunately, the digital receipt is also stored within the Turnitin global database. The newest addition to this feature is called “Turnitin Archive,” where previous documents will be stored permanently and cannot be deleted. This raises privacy issues for users of this program.

Turnitin is a beneficial tool when it comes to grading papers, which stupendously helps teachers and professors to analyze the students’ assignments for duplication assessment. However, this program only works on grammatical assessment for plagiarized or duplicated statements. It is not really able to detect the similarity in style between the student’s writing and the information obtained from the internet. Additionally, it cannot detect plain text between two documents with different formats.

5. Conclusion

By using a plagiarism checker, you can be sure that you have not missed any plagiarized content. This is the best way to prevent plagiarism. Using a plagiarism checker can also help you identify problematic passages that are too similar to something on the internet. Once you have this information, you can work to either change the content or properly cite it, making sure you aren’t committing either intentional or accidental plagiarism. If anything, a plagiarism checker provides peace of mind. Using one means that you can be confident in the work you are submitting to your teacher or professor, knowing there is no chance you have accidentally plagiarized some information. If you are a professional writing on behalf of a company or client, a plagiarism checker is essential to ensuring your credibility. With so much information on the internet, it is easy for a writing project to become infiltrated with unoriginal content. This can damage your reputation and create legal trouble. Save yourself the hassle and use a plagiarism checker.

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