research article review

research article review

Importance of Research Article Reviews

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research article review
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1. Introduction

The types of questions asked here for using the Beck Depression Inventory as a way of assessing depression in patients show in the first part of this research article. It is aimed at translating information to knowledge. With one patient stage undertaking nursing care, they’ve only administered this confidently when the patient showed signs of minimal depression. The nurse was unsure what behavior was a result of a patient’s depression. This signifies the advance in development towards depression in hemodialysis patients and the instruments used to detect it. This could change definitions of signs and symptoms of depressive disease. Coming back to the BDI, searching for an accurate translation, the nurse will now have to compare the different translations and decide on which is best. An example will now be given of one question of the BDI. Phase two of the study involves a report of test-retest reliability, intra-rater reliability, inter-rater reliability, and latent to congruents analyses to be described later. This is the best method for the criterion an instrument has to the disease it’s trying to detect. But it is hoped that this can be later compared to the changes in definitions of signs and symptoms of depressive diseases. This could still be an effective method to prove the same thing at a current date. This example would be used to compare change from the different translations of the BDI and different stages in depression in a two-week period.

In any type of research article, it is crucial to identify, analyze, and evaluate the data that has been entered. This process, in any type of research article, is known as critical analysis. The purpose of critical analysis is to identify, discuss, and evaluate the significance of the disclosed evidence. This requires a number of skills that can be used with respect to gathering evidence.

Systematic reviews are papers that search for, select, and critically analyze the research on a specific question. They are designed to prevent biased, unphilosophical interpretations of research findings. This can lead to an increase in the use of research evidence towards the practice of evidence-based healthcare. The present study is based on critiquing a systematic review sample using the Beck Depression Inventory as a method of assessing the severity of depression in hemodialysis patients. The hope is that it will enhance clinicians’ appreciation and understanding of how to interpret different types of data and how to translate that into clinical practice.

2. Benefits of Research Article Reviews

In attempting to accomplish a review on the paper, the individual who is doing the review would have to read and understand the paper quite a few times to obtain a clear knowledge. They should also jot down areas which they may not understand or would like to question the author about later. Then, for analysis, they need to absorb or even learn some techniques or knowledge from external sources which they can apply to evaluate the paper. Learning from a page of texts may not really register in someone’s mind, but learning with a purpose and aim often does. This is mainly because it requires one to seriously think through and comprehend. Often, after understanding, one might think of various queries during discussions with members of the community and especially with the author of the paper. Then, as it is human nature to be curious, one might attempt to search for an answer from colleagues or again discuss it with someone else. This gains a vast amount of knowledge and understanding when a clear answer is found. In other cases, when one is applying certain critiques to a statistical method, there would be instances when they would be forced to seek a statistician to explain some problems and ambiguities they have found in the method. This would be a chance to learn the correct usage and understanding of the statistical method. A good research is usually not just about understanding, but also about learning new things along the way.

Think through about the paper and learn from it. The first thing that one can gain from doing a review is an opportunity to engage in an in-depth discussion with a piece of literature. By definition, a review is an evaluation of a publication, service, or company such as a movie (a movie review), video game (video game review), musical composition (music review of a composition or recording), book (book review), a piece of hardware like a car, home appliance, or computer, or an event or performance, such as a live music concert, play, musical, show, exhibition, or other public event.

The payoff for investing your time in understanding a research article by reading and critically evaluating the paper is to carry out the review effectively. This is because an individual needs to put in effort to understand the paper before writing a review. At this stage, the individual should implement all that they have gained in their learning over the past years into identifying the gaps in the paper, questioning the paper’s credibility (such as sample size and statistical analysis), and proposing further improvements. Thus, with the importance and effort required to write a good review, a lot can be gained by the individual doing the review.

3. Critiques of Research Article Reviews

The best approach to writing a critique of a research article is to carry out the review using the review guidelines under which the author has to submit the review of the paper in its electronic version. Review guidelines form the criteria that a reviewer should consider for the assessment of the article. Like any other review, a paper review will require a reviewer to evaluate it in respect to its category. A review form consists of many sections which provide an easy access to the reviewer to judge and evaluate a research article provided on five category dimensions. First, the reviewer will rate the article and give confidence in the review which consists of the acceptability of the result at the confidence interval of 95%. The reviewer has to identify whether the article has entities of applied research. The finding of this rating system is that a large amount of readers can use this to judge how valid the results of the study are. For the understanding of the validity of the article, a statistical expert of the machine can say that the machine test of the equality of two probabilities which is used to assess whether the probability of a success for the machine is different from the probabilities of success for all the machines. At the 95% confidence level and to test the validity of the machine is passed. Method validity: Reviewer 1A. The finding of this rating system is that a large amount of readers can use this to judge how valid the results of the study are. For the understanding of the validity of the article, a statistical expert of the machine can say that the machine test of the equality of two probabilities which is used to assess whether the probability of a success for the machine is different from the probabilities of success for all the machines. At the 95% confidence level and to test the validity of the machine is passed.

4. Best Practices for Conducting Research Article Reviews

Focus on the topic. Whenever you begin a research article, present a question about the relevance of the research in the article to your practice. In the case of this EBP project, the student was interested in whether conducting a research article review would actually improve critical appraisal skills. It was reasoned that if the skills were actually being improved, then over time the process of locating and appraising the best evidence would become more efficient. Thus, the burden of evidence-based decision making placed on the practitioner would be lessened, allowing informed decisions to be made in a timely manner. Since the student’s primary goal was to improve his skills as a physical therapist, he decided to use a paper that dealt with the treatment of patients and was published in a physical therapy journal. The research question for the article was “Is active physical therapy more effective than basic advice on the best activity to manage pain or on a wait and see program in patients with low back pain?” Learn to evaluate and critically appraise the article. The evaluation phase relies heavily on posed questions. The more specific the questions, the easier it will be to find the answers. If there is concern about finding the information, the article may not be appropriate for the topic at hand. This was the case when the student was looking for qualitative research on the effectiveness of treatments using therapeutic ultrasound. After finding that there was very little research and no conclusive evidence, it was decided to use a different article on a different topic that provided better evidence.

5. Conclusion

Article reviews are an important aspect in the research process and now for the fact that it is vital for a better understanding of the field, in this case a research field. Reviewing an article is not as easy as it sounds and it would have to be approached carefully in order for the review to be done correctly. By reviewing an article, it could also help a younger researcher in which the person would start to get the hang of what conducting a research is about and how the research should be done. Do not review an article when you are new to the field as there would be limited knowledge on the research conducted in the article. Based on the experience of the writer, reviewing an article is one of the toughest things to do, yet being one of the most rewarding things. This is because it is hard to point out a mistake in a person’s job but the mistake that is done in the article can be changed and be improved for the better, so that the same mistake is not done in the future. While doing article reviews, the writer has managed to learn something new from the articles that have been reviewed. This is due to the fact that there would be an article that is related to what the writer has researched and additional knowledge on the subject can be obtained.

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