response to literature essay examples

response to literature essay examples

Response to Literature Essay Analysis

1. Introduction

As a seventh grade student, I learned to like some fantastic books. One of the books I read was an incredible novel entitled Dear Mr. Henshaw. This book begins with the boy, Leigh Botts, in sixth grade and how Leigh feels about his parents’ divorce. However, Leigh is fifteen now and writing to Mr. Henshaw. This book is comprised of Leigh’s letters to Mr. Henshaw, dates, delightful things, mysterious things, describes Leigh’s life, about the story he is writing and many jokes that Leigh has written. The ending is really super. It really tells you the end of Leigh’s contest story. In this essay, I will write three examples of what I learned from our first book, Dear Mr. Henshaw.

Thesis Statement/ Main Idea: Dear Mr. Henshaw is a marvelous novel that I thoroughly enjoyed! Topics/Examples you will discuss: The incredible plot, the amazing characters, and the awesome letters. You now know how to write the body of an essay. Each will have to be written in its own paragraph. The first few are my written ones. Your child will write their paragraphs based on these paragraphs.

In your introduction: You will answer the question: Why have I written this Response to Literature? Starting with an attention grabber, Thesis statement main idea, Essay Map sentence that gives three examples. Take these three examples from your 1st hour book expository. Example: Dear Mr. Henshaw. I am doing my Response to Literature especially about the book, Dear Mr. Henshaw. I wrote this because I have a lot of good persuasive and wonderful paragraphs and I have a letter to Ask the author.

2. Analysis of Themes

Many people live their lives following what others tell them, and they never stop for a moment to think about their own lives. Louise knows that she is not healthy and not going to have a long life, but she really does not care because she is happy with her life and her writing. She might not have a man, but that is just because a real man does not patronize her. If anybody truly loves her, they would want to keep her alive and healthy. In summary, the author does a great job in demonstrating that Louise has been living with anencephaly all her life, as have many other people. Louise prefers quality over quantity. Louise does not want to be bigger or smaller, she just wants to be accepted for who she is.

In the story “The Fat Girl,” we meet Louise, who should not be that way. The author of this story is trying to convey the message that we do not have to change who we are to fit in with others. One of the main reasons why Louise should not want to be someone she is not is because no matter how we try to change ourselves, there will always be someone that will not be happy with the changes. The author talks about how people are always critical about other people because they are looking for someone who is worse to make them feel better. This is also the part of the story in which the author speaks directly to the audience to make sure we take some time to reflect on this.

3. Character Development

Tom Sawyer is a good example. We might ask if Tom is a good boy or a bad boy because of his actions. There are many examples that tell that Tom is a good boy. First of all, he helped the Welshman by cutting the ropes to free him from his captors. Tom also saved Becky from being punished by Mr. Dobbins. In conclusion, Tom Sawyer is a good character. The story tells us who he is and what he has done. The more important thing is that the story helps us to judge if a character’s actions are out of love or hate. Fear, hate, and revenge are because of the devil, love, real love, is of God. An example of Tom Sawyer’s real love and concern for people would be when he saved Becky by lying about the picture that Becky tore. He does this to help get Becky out of additional trouble; obviously, he did this through love not evil.

Response to literature essays are used for discussing a topic about a literary work. Character development is when characters in a story are presented through their actions and words. A character analysis is when the characters are compared in a paper. The characters in a story are very important. What a character does in a story, how they speak, and how the author describes them, tells us if the character is good or bad. We also learn, is this action believable? The characters tell us about themselves. They are more believable when they seem real by the way that they converse and go about their lives. The goal of every character in literature is to serve a purpose to the storyline.

4. Literary Devices

To begin, many authors use similes and metaphors to add meaning and value to their work. This past year in ELA we talked a lot about semicolons and what they can add to writing. We also discussed similes and what they can add to our writing: intensity and meaning. In “The Lady, or the Tiger,” and Stabat Mater, the literary devices similes and metaphors are used often throughout the two works. In “The Lady, or the Tiger,” a simile that is used: “The youngest and the handsomest son of the king of a great and powerful kingdom; the princess was the soul of a proud papa.” The author uses this simile to give a vivid description to the reader of what the young man and his father looked like. It is easy for the reader to be able to conjure up a mental image of the father and son.

Many authors use literary devices to connect with the reader and to add value and beauty to literature. In the two works “The Lady, or the Tiger,” and Stabat Mater, the authors use these literary devices to take the reader on a journey of both literature and the mind. They were both written to evoke emotions from the reader and explore human nature. The work of Frank R. Stockton and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi reveal the power of literary devices to connect, entertain, and provoke thought in the reader. An example of a literary device would be a symbol, simile, or a metaphor.

5. Conclusion

In the movie, Mr. Potter uses his status to his advantage. He uses his high position to make people obey his manipulation by decreeing what they want and making decisions because he had class over them. Mr. Potter is a wealthy and mean person with expressive affluence, evoking his hideous personality when treating others when also seen being treated by others. Furthermore, Mr. Potter is always seen as a stature man having well-dressed and bald head who leads people to believe that he is organized, clean, civilized, and composed. Consequently, through his different appearance and his attitude, people treat him very cold and peaceful when he is in different situations. Mr. Potter is treated as if he were in a high-status position as Mr. Potter’s pimp-like side-kick George Baily calls him Boss. This is because Mr. Potter appears and speaks to show that he is a wealthy and severe mannered man. In fact, with his monstrously hoarse and danger’s color appearing to show that he is a wealthy and serious man, his followers jumped to Mr. Potter’s command for corruption because he was treated with respect of hire class businesslike until the very end. In the beginning we witness people dancing their possessions and affectionate attitude towards Baily and family to the singing sultry sentiment type emotion “For She’s a Jolly good fellow” to Mr. Potter. As we follow along the trail of cheerful people wearing pleasant attire, such as a purse-white sock and black classic shoes and hat, it is no surprise to hear or confirm that the prosperity, good job and ownership belong to him because he deserves to be destroyed. All of these events are clear indications of why high status characters such as Mr. Potter are seen to be treated coldly and with respect of fear and with a sense of money because his followers behave and think they will benefit from hat Mr. Potter has two offer. And when these types of appearances are made, people usually offer Mr. Potter polite flattery mimics and useless good emotions to assure their loyalty and dishonesty of charm so is happy with his prosperous being. Conclusively the followers feel like they must obey this mischievous man of whom God has committed.

How people are treated and how they feel in a situation where they are being treated are the most important things to keeping a life wonderful. Indeed, how you are treated is what results if you are a good, kind, or generous person. And even how you feel determines basically who you are or one’s character. Yet, how you act will majorly receive the same treatment or better from others. In the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the Characters George Baily and Mr. Potter display a great difference in how they are treated. Furthermore, how they feel at the end of their two lives reflects their character and destiny. After analyzing the differences in how George Baily and Mr. Potter are each treated in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” their personality traits can be easily judged by the way they act when treated. It is evident to see the way the characters feel by looking at how George Baily and Mr. Potter are disposed.

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