someone to do my homework

someone to do my homework

The Importance of Doing Your Own Homework

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1. The Benefits of Homework

Lastly, homework can have a negative impact on family life. There exists a delicate balance within the allocation of time for family and school. Too much school work can encroach on time with family and extracurricular activities. This becomes a problem because the school is not properly fulfilling its purpose. While education is important, it helps to form a well-rounded person who can intelligently interact with diverse groups of people from all walks of life. Education from interaction with others is equally important to that gained from book learning. Books are, after all, one man’s viewpoint on a matter. It is crucial to have time for extracurricular activities as this is a way to explore one’s interests and areas of talent. These may become future college and employment opportunities. In a struggling economy, people must stand out and every year opportunities only become more competitive. On a more practical note, people need time to wind down and the stress of work without relaxation can have negative health effects. School should not make it difficult to say that we are not by cutting into too much time from other activities.

Third, homework gives students a chance to interact with their subjects outside of the classroom. Often, knowledge is set in a different context, and students may have difficulty in making the disconnect between what they learn in the class and real knowledge. For example, a chemistry demonstration in class may fail to properly explain key aspects of a reaction. By trying to do the problems, the student may realize there are things he does not understand. At this point, he can return to the classroom material. He may even consult external sources, such as a reference book or a website. In the long term, homework can help create independent learners.

Second, homework helps students develop time management. With an increasingly heavy load of school work, students do not have enough time to develop the life skills to organize the work. If they don’t learn it now, they will struggle in the working world when they must multitask and work on tight deadlines. Homework tasks are ideal to promote scheduling, setting priorities, and short and long-term planning. Steps could be as simple as “Do the math problems by 7,” “Start physics outline at 4,” “Finish essay by 6,” etc. As they become more self-sufficient, they may not need this type of specific guidance, but the skills will have become deeply ingrained.

To start with, doing homework makes learning more interesting. When students do their work at home, they can use their own techniques, learn on their own, and think independently. Independent study encourages self-discipline and assumes responsibility for one’s own learning. Completing homework also helps develop good study habits. But be careful. Homework should be something expected and even welcomed, not prepared with distaste. Too much homework has a negative effect. But in moderation, homework has many positive effects.

2. The Consequences of Cheating

You and your parents are spending a great deal of time and money for you to attend high school and the college of your choice. What a waste it would be to cheat, get poor grades, and be denied entrance into the college you’d hoped for. And if you manage to cheat your way in, you’re only short-changing yourself. You will be less prepared than the other students who earned their way in. Chances are, you will eventually be discovered and the consequences in this environment are severe. This includes suspension or expulsion from the college. This may not seem significant to you now, but it will when you have to explain to friends and family why you are no longer attending school. College academic selection tests such as the GRE, MCAT, and LSAT are always taken into consideration before and after possible test takers have been caught and disciplined for an academic violation. Terminations from college can result in denied test admittance and post-disciplinary actions can be reported to all future test takers along with the voiding of all test scores and disqualification from the test. Ouch, that’s a high price to pay for just 30 minutes’ more cramming from your stolen cheat sheet. And it only gets worse from here. If a college disciplinary decision is called into question, NCAA bylaws have an academic fraud testing service where eligibility determinations are made for players and referrals to the National Youth Sports Safety Foundation where the violation is judged, possibly resulting in loss of financial aid and scholarship and the above mentioned consequences.

Getting into the habit of cheating on homework now that you are in high school will follow you right into higher education and the work world. What will you do when the questions become open-ended and there is no ‘right’ answer? Your ability to think and to effectively communicate ideas will become increasingly more important. No matter what career path you chose, employers are going to expect you to have critical thinking skills and be able to express yourself verbally and in writing. If you graduate from high school unable to write a coherent sentence, your prospects in the work force are not looking good. According to a survey of hiring and human resource managers, 80 percent value college grades in the ‘B’ range, reinforcing the importance of college academic performance and undermining the argument that it is not that important. And college academic performance is a good indicator of your job performance. But if you are totally prepared to cheat your way through life that will no longer be an option. Cheating in the work environment can result in very serious consequences including termination with cause.

3. Developing Responsibility and Discipline

Many kids’ TV programs and cartoons tend to pick on the topic of parents doing all the homework. Many parents don’t seem to realize that this, in the long run, will actually hurt the child. By doing all the work, the student does not learn and the teacher is not able to see what the child does or does not understand. The child and parents should never fall into the trap of saying, “I’m only hurting myself if I don’t do the homework.” When the child does his own homework, he experiences the sweet taste of self-achievement. He also learns how to learn on his own. Step by step, the child becomes an independent learner and thinker. The learning process will give the student the opportunity to fail and learn from his mistakes. Failure is the stepping stone to success. When the student gets a low grade on his math exam, he should immediately see that this is a result of insufficient preparation or understanding. He will then seek to uncover his weaknesses and change his way for the better. This is a far different scenario if a parent were to do the work for the child. Failure to understand the material will not be apparent and neither the student nor the teacher will know that there is a problem. This also does not instill much confidence in the teacher. A rather obvious statistic is that students with homework help are more likely to succeed in school. Setting the habit to do school work every day will create a life routine. He will nearly never miss an assignment deadline. Doing homework prepares the student for the big unit test. He will learn how to manage time and set aside enough time for study. All of the good study habits will carry through until the student no longer has homework. The end result is teaching the child discipline and responsibility.

4. Enhancing Learning and Understanding

Student success in school is often closely linked to their understanding of the material that is being discussed and worked on. Understanding is greatly enhanced when students are asked to reflect on their learning; this is not a matter of simply doing your homework, but you must try to do your work. If the student can reflect on the core ideas, then the work is a success. But if the student has drawn a blank, or found themselves researching the same topic several times and pretending to understand it, this “skating by” has not allowed them to reflect on their learning. When a student comes to a teacher saying “I’ve done the homework but I don’t get it”, what is often happening here is that the student has done the Reflection Activities, but found them unclear. These tasks serve as great formative assessment and differentiate between the students who aren’t getting it and those who are. By reflecting on the core ideas and topics, it is likely that the student’s understanding will increase, having put greater effort into it. This reflection enhances learning and understanding, while it is up to the individual student whether they will complete any work (reflection activities, practice) in a manner where they are getting the most possible out of it.

5. Building Skills for the Future

We live in a world that is changing extremely rapidly. There are many different types of skills that will be required for success in the future, but I believe that the one essential skill is learning how to learn. Only with an attitude of flexible learning will people be equipped to cope with the changes in the job market. Fixed ways of doing things will become rapidly out of date. Those who are used to routine will be very vulnerable when the pattern of their work changes or their job disappears and they have to retrain for a different sort of employment. Now to learn how to learn, the best approach is to learn something that enables you to learn something else. The skill of learning the first subject can become out of date, but the skill of learning will not. I have tried teaching various subjects from Mathematics to English as a Second language, but interestingly the most educational experience I’ve had has been coaching athletics. This is because learning skills is the most portable type of knowledge. Every teaching style can be effective for a certain type of content, but all I have learned from athletics coaching, I should be able to carry into my next teaching job. Learning skills is often an iterative process. First someone shows you how to do it, then you give it a try, make some mistakes, and finally get it right. The corrective feedback involved in learning skills is very educational in itself. Finally, skills are often taught using metaphor. This is a powerful teaching tool because if you understand the metaphor, then the concept is impossible to forget. For example, my high jump coach likened the motion of the bar falling down in failure to the sword of a Japanese warrior committing Seppuku. This allowed me to understand in no uncertain terms what I was trying to avoid.

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