tag english essay

tag english essay

The Importance of Learning English

1. Introduction

Speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts – this is normally called conversation. In the long-term learning of foreign languages, structure, vocabulary, and pronunciation changed over time. Therefore, regular dent speaking process as part of language learning instruction can be the presence of communication. The purpose of this study is to investigate the rules of organizing foreign language classroom interaction on speaking activities as well as the difficulties encountered by the university students and their teachers.

This research aimed to find the importance of learning English language and to know how it affects people in our community. Speaking is the skill that focuses on that process of English language learning. This research aims to investigate the main speaking problem encountered by the foreign language learners and ways to solve the problems. Foreign language spoken production and fluency have been an appreciable concern in a wide range of research outcomes. However, the studies have indicated that speaking cannot be disconnected from learning and teaching activities. This is because the speaking process makes sense when it is connected to the context and recognizes its spoken discourse structure. The reason is that producing spoken communication among forms of accuracy, fluency, clarity, and complexity has been found as a sensitive issue.

2. Benefits of Learning English

Now they have to find jobs, they have to express themselves in English, and they have to be ready for the job market in which the working language is English. This is the reality we have to face and we would find that a good command of English language can speed up our activities. With the fast-growing acceptance of E-commerce, English will turn into our most important communication environment. Demand for English will push to our educational level. Another reason for learning English is the diversification in global business. English has become the international business language. Most communication and vital transactions now take place in English. English is the accepted and recognized scientific language. The vast scientific knowledge and literature are expressed and published in English. Whether we pursue knowledge in science or technology in engineering, the command over English is essential for us. Understanding the huge information written in English needs a good comprehension of the language. Our society as a whole is to conform and comply with English medium education if it yearns for progress and prosperity.

The importance of learning English is often taken for granted. In many parts of the world, English is considered the common language for communication. There is a fixed point of view. English should not be merely a subject to be studied to pass an exam. It should be learned as it is the need of the hour. English language is the explanation as to how things came into existence. So it is that important to seek opportunity after opportunity to improve on our English. There are over 750 million people who speak English as a foreign language and in the year 2000, the British Council said that there were about a billion English learners in different counties. If we know the rules of grammar, we can hardly learn to speak English fluently to perfection. English is also spoken by a significant number of people in the world hence it has become the second most behind Chinese.

3. Challenges in Learning English

Another problem with word pronunciation is when the same combination of letters is pronounced differently in different words. 39) vial – “violent” 40) tear – “he tore his coat” 41) bass – “small fish” 42) lead – “lead pipe” 43) pour – “he poured tea” 44) row – “rowing a boat” English has many more words with irregular pronunciation. The acquisition of vocabulary can be a difficult task for EFL learners. Bensoussan and Stoynoff found that an educated native speaker of English knows around 40,000 words. Finally, the multiple meanings of words can complicate word acquisition. Laufer and Hill found that the average number of meanings per word is over five. The great number of loanwords can be explained by the following facts.

There are many challenges in learning English. The pronunciation of English words is difficult. Some people say that there are as many pronunciations as there are words. This is because the pronunciation of a word has no necessary connection with its spelling. Pronunciation depends largely on its history and on the part of speech it is. The spelling of some words can show the relationship between their different pronunciations. 35) The weather is very cold. 36) We will weather the storm through. 37) This used to be a grand estate. 38) His used to oppress the workers astonished me. The first two examples were adjectives and the latter adverbs. Here the spelling of the different forms of “weather” and “used” make the different pronunciations possible. The following table shows the many pronunciations of “wind” all used in different parts of speech.

4. Strategies for Successful English Learning

Using a grammar book: When we start to learn English, it is very necessary to study at least basic grammar. The English grammar will positively help us when we need to write because during the writing process you can make use of the grammatical rules that you have previously learned. Create your emotional reasons to learn: Be clear on why you want to learn English. If your reasons are strong and emotional, then you’ll be more motivated and more committed to your learning. For that, make a list of all the reasons that make you want to learn English and then every time that you feel like giving up, take the list of reasons and remember why you started.

Now that we have talked about the importance of learning English, it’s time for some strategies to have a successful learning. Learn in a group: You are more motivated when you are learning with people that are motivated to learn too. When you study with more people, it is really interesting because each person can help the other persons. When one doesn’t understand some topic, there is always another person to help by explanation, and when one is in a very down motivation state, the motivation of the group can help the other person to be more motivated too. Use the support of a bilingual dictionary: In order to use the support of a bilingual dictionary, you must create the habit of looking for the words that you don’t know and make the most of the possible times.

5. Conclusion

The purposes of taking this topic are to create an encourage the students to learn English. Hence, lecturers can promote the importance of learning the various general English activities. English language is very essential for every people in this world. Hence, if they have an ability to speak in English, all the people went in this wide universe he or she can convey our message to the other person. In general, English must be expedited for the students who study in the various study programs. Therefore, lecturers can apply the variety of activities, in which focused on the reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. Finally, learning English is one of the things that can make a close relationship with other people in the world.

Both of us need to learn English especially to the students who study at the university when we have to learn the English Language, we can get the knowledge from a variety of ways for example reading, we can also listen from the song and the radio especially when we can get the knowledge from the songs and its lyrics, it means that from we listen when the song and then with select if form the vocabularies. Hence, English language is really important in this life and it is more than just learning the language theory. Whoever we will know around us, we really need to know, which English language. So, with the English language we can establish relationships to the other people in the whole world.

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