the custom term paper writing services

the custom term paper writing services

Exploring the Ethics and Implications of Custom Term Paper Writing Services

1. Introduction to Custom Term Paper Writing Services

A student’s decision to use a term paper writing service is an individual decision and is not subject to the regulations of the administrator, the instructor, the institution, or other students who disagree. The decision-making process is a very complex one. There are many reasons involved in the student’s decision to use a term paper writing service which are related to the task environment, the individual’s personality traits, and the ethical climates that are in their work and academic environments. Such a complex decision-making process has many relationships among decision, task environment, personality, ethics, outcomes, and the workforce environment. So, this paper explores the factors that exist when a custom term paper writing service is used, along with the implications of such factors.

Most U.S. colleges and universities lay emphasis on the student’s ethical responsibility to refrain from using and/or distributing any form of plagiarism. They define plagiarism as the appropriation, buying, receiving as a gift, resale, or distribution into the public domain of academic work. This implies that academic ethics require honesty in reporting the results of the scholarship performed and a commitment to the originality of the student work performed. Most students produce custom term papers during their academic years. Moreover, some students are unable to adhere to their ethical principle of writing their own term papers. Therefore, they buy term papers from professional term paper writing services and participate in plagiarism.

2. Ethical Considerations in Using Custom Term Paper Writing Services

So long as this growing chasm is not bridged, the demand for custom term paper services will continue, and it will be difficult to condemn them. In many ways, the custom term paper services business is a helpful but unrecognized foundation of teaching and learning practices that are today central to scientific work and the professional training of people who will ultimately be expected to yield numerical indications of some kind of their own successes. Colleges and universities have to recognize this central role and pave a path to it—a path that is lit by examination practices based on correspondence rather than comprehensiveness, that avoid wholesale grade inflation, and that recognize from first contact to the final project that learning lives in a muggy, unmonitored, and hard-to-quantify border country. Meeting students there is necessary if we want to take them where they need to go.

Many ethical debates regarding term paper writing services usually turn on the ethics of helping students cheat academically. Recent historical shifts in evaluation practices have seen evaluations of student learning move away from knowledge and understanding of a subject towards demonstrations of various kinds of competencies—skills and abilities required for future participation in professional, civic, and social life. These are hard to quantify and assess in a standard way, and students and educators alike have come to feel that grades no longer reflect the hard work, motivation, creativity, etc., needed for academic achievement. In the distance between students’ striving and what they perceive their grades to be grading, we come to understand a central truth about evaluation that has long lived in pedagogical theory but has largely been evacuated from evaluation practices both in and now outside schools: inspection of outcomes is the worst possible indicator of learning. A large business in custom term paper writing services has grown up to address the need to give students tools that will engage them in meaningful assessment experiences and yet still yield numerical outputs of some sort.

3. Impact of Custom Term Paper Writing Services on Education and Academic Integrity

Custom term paper writing services have promoted a more transactional than a transformational relationship between undergraduates and faculty. In this transactional relationship, students expect excellent service and grade-inflated grades from professors while faculty are more interested in avoiding student complaints and institutional regulations. Writing-intensive disciplines adopt tedious requirements for developing arguments, showing critical thinking, learning the subject matter material, and developing skills through learning experiences based on person-to-person interaction. These requirements, adopted in the name of academic rigor, prevent deadlines from being moved due to a lack of subject preparation. However, they deny opportunities for critical thinking, browsed reading, and intellectual growth that produce a final product, which may include both strength and rawness. Students only care about grades with business-oriented demands. Providing professors’ better ones of 0.5 percent result in higher evaluations, that lead to more significant raises, reduce stress, control of class time, and increase student-teacher trust. Early graduate student instruction is declined but the professor-student effect decreases with academic rank. Furthermore, students who have been allowed to use electronic devices such as laptops for nonacademic purposes report lower satisfaction and grades. Such students do not bother with the professional ethos of using their electronic devices in class to increase their education, intellect, and knowledge of the subject matter at hand. It is an example of a rapidly paced, through-put orientation where people are regarded as amusing, stacked fillings.

As far as reforms are concerned, custom term paper writing services are not entirely to blame as we move from traditional educational practice to a more vocational system of education. One reason is that the socio-economic functions and roles of higher education have been changing over time. On the one hand, higher education is still an avenue to upward socio-economic mobility and for training professionals who engage in specialized and highly skilled vocations and careers. On the other hand, higher education has become massified, industrialized, and commercialized due to increased demand for it in the post-World War II era. Despite American community colleges’ roles in educating the specialized workforce, the proliferation of technical training programs at four-year institutions contributes to their vocational nature. As Rich DeMillo and Jonathan Rosenberg charge, professional programs such as business, education, and law are indoctrinated and use “large undergraduate programs to meet the bottom line.” As vocational programs have become money-making ventures, faculty have been moved to research universities, small liberal arts colleges, private providers, and interdisciplinary centers have occupied other niches. So, should vocational programs kick out the students who expediently buy term papers from custom writing services to fulfill their ends?

4. Regulatory Frameworks and Legal Issues Surrounding Custom Term Paper Writing Services

We conducted a series of interviews with library stakeholders from different institutions to complement our understanding of the issues surrounding custom term paper writing (CTP) services and better grasp the views of these services from the students’ perspective. CTP services are websites or individuals who provide avenues for student dishonesty and fraud. CTP services respond to an unfair educational system and exploitative business practices. Despite the evident criticisms about CTP services, legal and regulatory frameworks consider these groups as not inherently harmful as the transaction is contractual, meaning that the buyer and sellers agree to engage in a mutual exchange of value. However, many CTP services engage in unfair business practices and violate copyright as part of their operations. We urge policymakers to consider the dual roles that CTP services play when framing regulations and intervene when these organizations cross the line into ethically or legally unacceptable behavior.

Despite evidence of serious concerns on the part of universities, we found a surprising lack of legal interventions surrounding CTP services. Legal and regulatory frameworks consider CTP services as not inherently harmful as the transaction is contractual, meaning that the buyer and seller agree to engage in mutual exchange of value. However, many CTP services engage in unfair business practices and violate copyright as part of their operations. We urge policymakers to consider the dual roles that CTP services play when framing regulations and intervene when these organizations cross the line into ethically or legally unacceptable behavior.

5. Conclusion and Recommendations for Addressing Challenges

Finally, a contractual agreement should be signed between the school and the student stating that all his academic work is his own. The final grade or diploma shall not be issued until the agreement is signed and the student is in compliance with the school’s policies.

During the first week or two weeks of school, a committee from the schools of the departments involved in detection and punishment of such practices should brief the students using possible court cases and situations. They could then ask students if they have been involved in cheating or plagiarism activities. The committee should be well trained enough to recognize verbal or physiological behavior to distinguish if the student is telling the truth or lying.

Recommendations to restrict these sites include better networking between the schools and more clearly written school policies. Universities need to pool their resources to try and make any accommodation possible. Where class assignments are concerned, there must be an academic code or policy stating that the assignment done by a student must be completed by the student to be handed in for credit. Additionally, every student that enters an institution should receive a form that asks them if they know all the procedures for academic misconduct and also if they have been caught cheating.

The second condition is that students are allowed to take advantage of such a service. Every syllabus should state a clear policy and procedure of what happens when a student is caught cheating. From that point, it is up to the student to choose to break the policy or to follow the policy. The educational system cannot prohibit the existence or use of services that are beneficial in the learning process.

Custom term paper writing services are ethical under two conditions. The first condition is that the individual purchasing the term paper is a non-traditional student. Non-traditional students are defined as someone who is returning to school, and typically a student who is not fresh out of high school. The non-traditional student is typically enrolled in classes at night. They are also much older than an average student. Therefore, these students may potentially have full-time jobs, children, and families. The only way that they have time to graduate in a reasonable amount of time is if they use these services.

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