the essay writing

the essay writing

Effective Strategies for Essay Writing

1. Introduction to Essay Writing

The main purpose of narrative essays is to tell a story, a story inspired by a real-life experience. This serves many goals. For example, we convey our thoughts or ideas through words so that others can empathize and relate to it. Additionally, the ending paragraph is the critical part of the essay. When the audience reads the ending paragraph, they should feel that the essay has ended smoothly, with purpose. The paragraph should relay the main points of the essay.

Introduction to essay writing at upper secondary school or at university level often involves the process of writing different types of essays, such as the narrative essay, the descriptive essay, the expository essay, the argumentative essay, or the analytical essay. When practicing essay writing with your children or your students, they should become familiar with the prompt and the rubric criteria that map out the goals of the writing exercise. In addition, providing them with the characteristics or features of all these different types of essays can be helpful for developing the skills necessary to master their essay writing. Let’s take a closer look at these essays.

2. Key Components of a Well-Written Essay

2. The statement of the thesis The thesis statement lets the reader know what to expect from your work. This statement is more than a proposition. It is a restatement of the controlling idea or the main purpose of your essay in a concise form. You are stating your primary point without explanation or commentary. It should be limited, precise, and focused. A thesis claims the subject to be discussed, the position to be taken on that subject, and the scope of the paper. It usually appears in the first paragraph. This may also be referred to as the subject or a controlling idea of an essay. Keep in mind that a controlling idea should never be observed in isolation, so it needs to be connected to a writer’s analysis, emphasis, or it serves as a key element to both the thesis statement and the contents of the essay.

1. Introduction The job of the introduction is to tell the reader what the essay is likely to be about and then make them want to read more. Make your point about the topic, which needs to add specific content and substance to the introduction. The introduction provides a bunch of tasks: it should let readers know how they will benefit from reading the work, which is also a way of introducing your study. The introduction also needs to be free and engaging. Many college students find the introduction to be the most difficult part of the essay to write. However, modern writing software can assist you in your essay writing experience.

Title The same way a headline eases the reading and the writer directs the focus of the reader on the specific issue, a title serves as a means of attracting the reader’s attention. It should also produce a smooth, logical transition within the writing and introduce the subject under discussion.

To produce a high-quality essay, you need to have a clear understanding of the key components. Each of the sections, such as the introduction, the statement of the thesis, supporting paragraphs of the body, and conclusion, has its purpose and serves a specific function in an essay. Without understanding and addressing these components in your writing, you are not likely to produce a good essay. A good topic, a narrow topic, a specific audience, and an analytical thesis can also contribute to the production of a successful academic essay.

3. Developing a Strong Thesis Statement

Precision and the Three-Point Argument Some English teachers give the directive that an essay’s thesis must demonstrate three different opinion points. It is the least effective argument discussed in academia. It is likely that addressing only three arguments will lead to a structurally flawed essay. If including three ideas represents the sunshine on a rainy day, those pupils need to use this mandate as a guideline. The mandate allows for a lack of stamina on the part of the writer. Ultimately, each particular sentence in the thesis represents a specific area of the argument. Each clause demonstrates precision. Onward to the first page of argument building.

Precision From the start, the thesis is focused and narrow. However, it should be tweaked throughout the process in the development of the paper. It is the writer’s job to present everything in the body of the paper to make a case. Do not include the entire argument in the thesis. Establishing an expectation is among the solutions for writers to tackle the research paper. It must be clear, correct, and pertinent. Be fervent in each clause or claim. Do not go for social justice platitude. Address the social awareness issue. Everything should be clearly connected to the order of the sentence identified above.

Counterclaim All the information should be analyzed for accuracy. The thesis must argue against a counterclaim. Consider what others with an opposing view think. Exploring an outside source can answer an original question. The thesis and the entire paper demonstrate the author’s thinking process. Ignore the typical rule of citing three excellent examples. Cite as often necessary to best represent the author’s thinking and the thesis. A failure to address counter argument shows the thesis to be narrow.

Argument The paper must be persuasive. The thesis will dictate what kind of essay the writer wants to produce. An informative example will produce a boring essay. A persuasive example will arouse excitement, energy, and Gnosis. The writer has ownership of the thesis produces a multi-sentence thesis demonstrating point of view.

Research Conduct research. That is where the actual opinion is developed. Remember: the first draft serves as the blueprint allowing the writer to be committed to the direction in the first instance. Researchers without direction are advised to use databases, Google Scholar, e-journals and book reviews found in periodicals, Lexis-Nexis, and the scholarly community. Confidence is developed through this knowledge acquisition process. Be open-minded when conducting research and have a point of view.

Personal Opinion A major no-no is interjecting pronouns, especially the first person variety. No “I.” No “We.” Effective authors recruit information from trusted sources. Personal pronouns show a distinct bias. The result is that the essay’s power is weakened.

Introduction A solid thesis can not only direct the paper, but show the reader where it is headed. From start to finish, the thesis is the author’s master plan. If it’s strong, the paper nearly writes itself. This thesis-building process has a number of essential attributes. Personal opinion must be set aside. Research and other outside sources must be fully vetted and effectively integrated. An effective thesis directing an essay’s direction and an author’s arguments must be precise. All essays need to argue against a counterclaim. Keep in mind that the thesis is a work in progress. After research is conducted, it should be revisited.

4. Structuring Your Essay

In crafting the content, remember that the examiner or marker has a limited time in which to correct your essays, hence the particular school essay length will vary to a certain extent according to the level, but unless you have a very compelling reason always play safe and stick to the guidelines. Data is essential if you are talking about facts, of course, and you should make sure that it is accurate. In contrast, if you are discussing opinions, then well is rather essential as it helps to reinforce your ideas – “agreeing” or “disagreeing,” or commenting on something that is written by someone else. Make sure the language of your essay is suitable to the topic. If you are discussing murder, bereavement, or some very hard-core subject, you may wish to tone down the words, to avoid losing your thread. Always make sure that you “understand” the question; you are almost guaranteed to fail if you do not. The biggest committal of all is answering a question that you are best suited to answer rather than the one you have been set.

It is important to have a clear pathway for the marker or examiner to follow, otherwise what you are saying will not make much sense. Also, your structure is a plan, so do not try to add to it at the last minute. You can only digress from it if you think of one compelling reason as you write – not at the end or the marker is left with the impression that you have lost your way. You must show the marker how you arrived at your conclusions; hence a sense of discovery is essential; this should be reflected in the structure of your essay. The marker expects to see an introduction, followed by a development section, followed by a conclusion. Very often, it is beneficial to use headings in the essay itself, reiterating why they are there and following the pathway.

5. Refining Your Writing Style

The concluding paragraph is the coup de grace for an essay. Like an advertisement thatients our public memory in accordance with the powers of persuasion, it is vital that a thoughtful conclusion be developed—one that is clever, creative, and conclusive. Make sure that you have sharpened your closing, so that you have executed the final sentence in a strong, clean, decisive stroke. Then, you are done, and from the elements of essay writing light, you have wrought an essay—a brief composition designed to trick death balls of non-existent cats, the art of concealing things, or the effusion of an inspired soul.

As the fifth point to consider when writing that movie-like essay, let’s see what we can do to fine-tune the conclusion. One of the defining qualities of a professional essay is a conclusion that is to the point. Your ending, in fact, is just as critical as your introduction. When you reach the end of your writing, ask yourself: “Have I proved my thesis and presented a summary of the points which relate it to my topic?” One quick way to answer this question is to force the conclusion on the reader. You can do this by ending the essay with a question that you will then proceed to answer. Or you can suggest that the reader will be able to answer the question for him or herself. Another way is to plant the idea at the end of a thought-provoking quote. One of the time honored methods of ending essays is to form a connection with the introductory story or quotation, which in the body of the paper has been used to illustrate the thesis. In terms of creating drama, this can be a highly successful way to end an essay.

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