the lost ways book review

the lost ways book review

The Lost Ways Book Review

1. Introduction

Another added bonus is the new sets of skills that you can acquire as a means to become more self-sufficient. The Lost Ways survival methods can allow one to build a foundation of survival within themselves by learning ancient methods of securing food, cooking, and shelter. Again, modern man has become so reliant on modern technology that these skills are slowly fading into obscurity. This program can keep these valuable methods alive for future generations.

It is not your typical prepper or survivalist approach that calls for stocking up on canned goods, survival gear, and building a makeshift bunker in the woods. The survival methods found in The Lost Ways book are actually less expensive, more practical, and can offer long-term results to nearly anyone from any background. Claude Davis travels to find copies or learn the methods of survival from “experts of that era”. This no doubt took lots of travel, research, and trial and error, but the results are well worth it.

The Lost Ways program created by Claude Davis is a collection of proven and tested survival methods that our ancestors used to thrive in harsh conditions. To be more specific, The Lost Ways program is truly a page-turner. It will take you on a journey that will transform the way people perceive survival during drought, natural disasters, and famines. Davis created this program with the intent of helping put the power back into the hands of every American. He does not want you to be a victim. He wants to show how to empower you and teach you the survival methods of our long-forgotten ancestors.

2. Overview of “The Lost Ways” book

“The Lost Ways” is a book by Claude Davis that explains a comprehensive guide on how to survive a future that may involve dire circumstances. The book is about shedding our modern, comfortable lifestyle and living the way our forefathers did by learning from their way of life. The author is convinced that the modern lifestyle has made us too comfortable and is unable to deal with emergency situations should they arise. He teaches that the key to being successful is to always have a plan and being able to think on your feet. The book teaches its readers efficient survival tactics and primarily focuses on a mindset that can set apart life and death. The author starts the book by explaining how he was outraged to learn that the United States had just lost a whopping eight hundred thousand jobs in a single month and he was quite intrigued about why so many people are struggling to make ends meet despite working two jobs. He explains how the natural disasters have been more severe as of late and the economic climate has been too shaky. Claude’s message is that there are just too many ways that someone could suddenly be left without any means of living and it is critical to be able to survive these types of situations. He talks about the Native American way of life and how they were able to live off the land with little to nothing and why that way of life is still superior to ours today. The book goes on to discuss the modern man’s way of life and how it has led us to become complacent, overweight and lazy individuals. Claude explains that the food available in our grocery stores is no longer healthy nor safe to eat due to how it is mass produced. He stresses that we must find natural foods and a means of growing our own food to avoid health problems down the road. The author has included several recipes to make natural foods that can be stored or turned into a meal and the process of how to build a survival garden. He also talks in depth about how the pioneer’s way of life and how they were able to hunt and prepare a meal from almost anything. This “tough as nails” mindset is something that Claude Davis believes is the most important principle and what has sparked the motivation to write this book.

3. Key Lessons and Insights

The Lost Ways also explains how our ancestors made durable houses. The first thing they did was migrate from region to region across the country and find a perfect place to stay for a long time. A strong and durable house would protect them from any kind of threats, whether from wild animals or humans. Back in the 16th century, Americans used the dirt cheap method. This building method was quite simple and very effective. They would build a trench around 25 by 30 feet and 3 feet deep. Then they would move the slate to one of the sides and use it as a roof. This method was very effective in avoiding the impact of rain, and they could create an elevated ground inside for a better sleep. In order to build this house, they needed to find many friends and make it with no cost. Busy? Actually, they were not. Because it would only take 2 hours every day with a great amount of teamwork, they would finish it in a week. Now compare that to modern people who still cannot afford a house and are burdened by taking loans for more than 20 years of work. This building is also erasable by hand, but the government has given us an annotation that building a bunker like this is a criminal act. But hey, we just want to prepare for the worst case scenario, right? My uncle has already given a secret to a wide area near the country. Step by step, we agree, America will turn their houses into something like this. And building a bunker with a “d,” more secure of course, is the one that costs a lot.

The next component of the book is about the key lessons and insights. It explains how our ancestors knew what they needed to do to create things that can be used for the long term and what they had to create in order to preserve it and easily obtain it. The Native Americans have contributed many things to the country, and the market would be a great place to start by making a bow. Making a bow is a simple yet sophisticated thing. They would know the wood and the tree they needed to use. They had to plant and preserve it for themselves and for the next generation. They would choose hickory as the wood and wait for a year before crafting it. This would also be the same if they wanted to make traps to catch an animal. They knew the best animal that had a plentiful supply, like a beaver, and they would make a trap that could catch multiple animals with just a little effort.

4. Pros and Cons

One of the most important features of this book is that it is comprehensive. It does not just provide traditional survival skills developed by our ancestors, but also a deep explanation of why these skills are important. The best example would be the chapter that teaches you how to make a superfood with basic ingredients. This book is the perfect mix of a survival guide and a prepper guide. All the survival skills mentioned can help you in dire need. If you are trapped in any critical situation, it’s this book that will actually save your life. Another very important benefit of the book is that it keeps you ready to face the worst conditions with minimum resources. This approach is prepared by Claude Davis as he wants everyone to be self-confident and self-dependent in any catastrophic situation. Imagine you are out on a camping trip with your little ones and there is a mishap. If you know the lost ways of your forefathers, you can easily turn the situation in your favor and safely. This will bring back your lost happiness in life.

5. Conclusion

First and foremost, I appreciate the solutions that Claude Davis offers in The Lost Ways. However, I think it’s important to remember that preparation is key. Having the knowledge and practicing these skills now will save you in case of a disaster. According to Davis, there is no time or place that disaster can’t strike. I agree wholeheartedly and would advise all my readers to pick up a copy of The Lost Ways, to not only get a better understanding of our forefathers, but to also learn the skills needed to survive. Who knows when this knowledge could be of use to you? As we said in the Army, prior preparation prevents poor performance. Life is unpredictable so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Another issue to address is the fact that people rely so heavily on modern technology. Just think how lost you would be without your GPS. Or how your child would cope if they were lost without a mobile phone? Reading the stories in The Lost Ways has made me consider how easy it is to lose those primitive survival skills. How are you going to start a fire when you can’t just turn on the gas? How are you going to find your way when you don’t have a push-button answer? It’s a scary thought. We are so reliant on our modern technology that I believe we may become lazy and complacent in our everyday lives. Now I’m not saying we should go back to the Stone Age, but it wouldn’t hurt to rediscover the methods used by our ancestors and keep them alive in our history. Who knows what the future holds? It’s always good to be prepared. The Lost Ways is just the resource to help us.

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