weather report

weather report

Importance of Weather Reports

1. Understanding Weather Patterns

Climate and atmospheric science are two of the foundations for understanding weather patterns. Climate defines the average weather for a particular region and the impacts such things as global warming have on the environment. There are a myriad of factors that contribute to climate such as latitude, the distribution of land to water, and oceanic circulation patterns. Climatologists utilize historical data for modeling future climate trends. These models are typically complex and take into account many factors in order to predict climate change. The second significant discipline is atmospheric science which concerns the atmosphere and its many phenomena. Since weather occurs in the lower atmosphere, it is this area that is of the most interest. Meteorology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere which seeks to understand weather and climate events. It has evolved a great deal over the past five decades. With improvements in technology and the advent of computers, weather prediction has become more accurate. This is due to the fact that we have a better understanding of atmospheric dynamics and are able to input greater amounts of data into weather prediction models. The change from one type of weather to another – clear to cloudy, windy to calm – is primarily caused by changes in air mass. An air mass is a large body of air, usually 1500 km or more across, which has relatively uniform temperature and humidity characteristics. The best example of this is when a warm air mass and cold air mass meet and create a weather front. Fronts are the boundaries between two air masses and can be responsible for a variety of weather events. Low pressure and storm systems are another common cause of changes in weather. Isobars, lines of equal pressure, illustrate wind patterns around low and high pressure systems. The wind direction and magnitude have a great effect on the weather and isobars, when combined with other data, can be used to predict weather patterns for 3-5 days in advance.

2. Benefits of Accurate Weather Reports

Weather influences the daily decisions people make. The type of clothing someone is going to wear, the outdoor activities someone is going to do, and the food they are going to eat are all based on the forecast the weatherman provides. Taking a look at the specific groups of people who use weather information, event planners and organizers are big users. A detailed weather report allows these people to determine if their event is even feasible and if a detailed weather report shows them that their event may be ruined due to inclement weather, they have enough time to change the event to a different day. Farmers are another group of people who rely on weather information and forecasts. Agriculture is highly dependent on rainfall and temperature. These are simple weather elements, but their variation has elaborate effects on the growth, yields, and quality of crops, and can cause disease and pest problems. As a result, farmers stand to gain much from timely and reliable information for managing their crops and livestock. With accurate weather reports, these groups of people are able to plan their upcoming days in the best way possible, and are able to minimize the uncertainties of their decisions that are based on weather.

Minimizing uncertainties about future conditions

3. Impact of Weather on Daily Life

Cold weather affects motivation and mood. It has been associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a form of depression that usually occurs in the winter months, often lifting during spring or summer. Whether or not a person is clinically affected by SAD, it is commonly seen for people to experience low mood in the winter, particularly when the weather is bad. Clean up. Bad weather can mean big clean up. Severe weather plays a significant factor behind engine breakdowns, domestic boiler problems and burst pipes, resulting in damage to homes and possessions. It also increases the chances of injury and even food poisoning. Snow and ice storms lead to falls and car crashes. Cold weather can also cause power outages and the spoiling of food. Having taken a quick glance at the effects of weather, it is no wonder that people can now benefit from a free and trusted source of knowledge, the weather forecast. By being aware of the weather, we can make the right decisions and avoid unpleasant consequences.

4. Role of Weather Reports in Planning

Planning a trip or an outdoor activity takes time and effort in order to ensure everything goes according to plan. The benefits of being in the right place at the right time can be overshadowed by unfavorable weather conditions. Hence, having advanced knowledge of weather forecasts greatly helps in making more informed decisions and accurate plans. Wind, rain, and snow are common weather conditions which can have major effects on plans. For example, a strong gusty wind could lead to more challenging rock climbing and lead to the decision to postpone it to another day. Knowing the wind forecast in advance allows for suitable alternative plans to be made. Similarly, a heavy downfall will affect the ease of navigation in forests due to muddy and slippery tracks. Knowledge of forecasted precipitation will allow the difficulty of tramping routes to be assessed. A weather forecast of heavy snow on mountain tracks could suggest a need for postponing trips, or if that is not possible, the requirement to take additional equipment and provisions. The knowledge of weather forecasts provides the ability to plan ahead and maximize the enjoyment and safety of outdoor activities. Without it, decisions are made based on assumptions of most probable weather conditions and the risks and consequences of doing so are increased. High expectations of weather conditions being better than they really are often result in disappointment. A New Zealand survey of tourists found that a high percentage changed their plans or destination due to bad weather and many were disappointed due to failure of their recreational goals. The ability to access weather reports from various sources at any time allows for flexibility in decision making and planning. In today’s fast-moving society, plans and decisions are often left to the last minute due to uncertainty of work and other commitments. This is often the case with informal outdoor activities as weather in the coming days is assessed for the best possible conditions. Step one in making a decision is the assessment of current and predicted weather conditions. This is easily done with today’s fast-paced internet weather reports. If it doesn’t look good, then the decision can be made to postpone it to another day. Weather forecasts are particularly useful for group activities and events coordination. Information can be easily passed around to others and allow for last-minute changes to be made. An example is a trip leader assessing the weather conditions the night before a trip and then deciding to cancel it due to forecasted heavy rain. This decision will be much appreciated by the participants.

5. Conclusion: The Value of Reliable Weather Information

Improved weather forecasts act to reduce weather-related vulnerability by modifying the decision environment. This most often involves a range of simple to complex preparedness activities in advance of an event aimed at avoiding losses and damages. A decision to take preventative action is often the most cost-effective option in response to a potential weather threat but it is also often fraught with risk – specifically the likelihood that the expected weather event does not materialize or is not as severe as anticipated. In many circumstances, a decision to take preventative action or to delay/cancel/postpone an activity will hinge on the perceived probabilities of alternative weather events and the expected costs and damages resulting from each available option. Therefore improved weather reports and forecasts are often most valuable when they provide guidance on the likelihoods of different weather scenarios and the potential effects of each scenario so that decision-makers can better assess risk and make more informed decisions.

Serious attempts to provide weather reports and forecasts aimed at reducing weather-related disaster and destruction must be based on an understanding of decision-making processes that are intended to reduce vulnerability. Vulnerability to weather is a function of the sensitivity of human activities to weather and the availability of adaptive strategies to cope with the effects of weather anomalies. Sensitivity to weather is sector-specific and may differ for the same weather anomaly. The availability of adaptive strategies may be enhanced by improving weather forecasts so that potential threats of weather to activity-specific events can be anticipated and plans can be made to act on the forecasts. The impact of weather reports and forecasts may be greatest when they can serve as an effective early warning to potentially damaging weather events so that preventative actions can be taken.

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