writing journey quotes

writing journey quotes

The Power of Writing Journey Quotes

1. The Inspiration Behind Writing Journey Quotes

Travel’s devaluation as a concept is clearly reflected in empathy. In the broadest sense, empathy is projection of self onto other for the purposes of either a kind of emotional identification, to better understand the other, or to provide an understanding of self. The point is regaining or enriching the self in some form. Now it is a now a common thought to escape one’s present life by putting oneself in another person’s shoes. But it is difficult to escape at all and empathy need not be successful to be a trip. It will go no further than sympathy should its object be to suffer with. But if in turning to understand why a person is the way he or she is, or in trying to effect change in someone’s environment, one is inevitably drawn into a kind of voyage. Yet it is a threshold-less trek between present and foreign self. The empathy that I have in mind is not a special category, but merely a conscious effort to do these same things in equating present and foreign states of others and self. And it is here that I make the personal decision to write journey quotes, for having considered empathy and the various personal studies experiences to simulate empathy, the conclusion that today’s college students make poor use of the concept and need the conceptual aid becomes increasingly clear.

I believe that “journey” has over time become a deeply problematic concept for many people, myself included. While it is easy to give a formal definition (an act of travelling from one place to another), it is very difficult to say just what it means to undertake a journey and whether the concept retains its former significance. This is not a purely linguistic change and the metaphor’s strength relative to others has always varied between individual cases. My position, however, is that a progressive disassociation of “journey” with a particular type of inner and outer passage has led to a general decline in its power and vitality as a metaphor. This is particularly salient in literary studies. Many more of Spenser’s contemporary readers would agree with their ability to allegorize “way-faring significance” than would today’s scholars. This suggests that the term itself has changed in connotation.

In 2004, I attended a panel at the Modern Language Association devoted to the theme of “why voyage is no longer an appealing metaphor in literary studies.” Most of the panelists met with meager success. They tried to show that travel, which the Roman Jakobson called “the paradigm of all journeys toward the meaning,” could be deconstructed into play or failed conquest and that textuality could perform each of these types just as well. A critic might try to prove this by pointing out that the shift from the travel-allegory of The Faerie Queen to the failed-conquest allegory of Mutabilitie Cantos is a shift in Spenser’s allegorical method. I didn’t say that. But it is about as far as travel can get from being “no longer an appealing metaphor in literary studies.” This is a case where faulty methodology may have led to a correct conclusion which invalidates its premise. At any rate, I left early and missed the conclusive arguments.

Through a brief discussion of contemporary empathy, writing and its relationship to adventure, I proceed to consider some of the significant contributions of nineteenth and twentieth century theories of self-growth paired with Joseph Campbell’s influential mono-myth. I walk the reader through my own progression as voyager and writer and my decision to make a study of the “steps along the road of way-faring significance.” This will give a quick conceptual map of the expected contents of the subsequent chapters.

2. How Writing Journey Quotes Can Motivate and Encourage

For those making a concrete effort to overcome a trial, a journey can be a disheartening event. Reflecting on these times, writers have frequently produced variations of journey quotes that possess a consoling cheer. These acts have enabled a plenitude of individuals to look at trials as a site for change instead of a time of hardship. For some, this means breaking away from a major life event and finding out to accept the alterations that have occurred. Others would possibly decide that it is time to bill ahead on a new career path. The reasons can be varied, but each one of us eventually decides that it is time to do something different and start a new course. It is at these times that journey quotes will encourage and convince. Many of them are based off stories that contain a character leaving home to seek a better future. It is simple to identify with these characters, and some have already regarded their actions as a similar sort of journey. The point is usually to persuade that the idea of leaving home in search of something better is a noble action no matter how small or large the scale. A favourite quote of many desiring change comes from the fifth book of Virgil’s The Aeneid “sic itur ad astra” which translates to “such is the way to the stars.” The implied meaning is that any task begins with firm resolution is worthy of high ambition. This sort of message sits well with who those who are resolved to do something to make their lives better.

3. Crafting Meaningful and Impactful Writing Journey Quotes

A great quote is the attempt of a wise soul to put on paper the wisdom of a lifetime. – Lauren Kessler, When Words Collide. The creation and perpetuation of writing journey quotes requires thoughtful consideration of context, such as the journey’s timespan, the type of writing, and personal attributes of the individual writer. Because applied to anyone vaguely interested in producing words on paper, the range of people claiming to be writers is so vast, the nature and needs of these “writers” will likely vary greatly. Another way to classify writers is by those that have had writing “thrust upon them,” as it were, and those that are interested in finding their calling through words. With quotes often placed into presentations, speeches, or documents, one could say that a meaningful writing journey quote is the one that, paraphrased, best represents the core principles of writing to a specific group of people.

4. Sharing and Spreading Writing Journey Quotes

Sharing quotes in the online community could seem inane to some, but it is proving to be a valuable modern method for self-motivation. In a world where self-improvement and life enhancement are of crucial importance, each tool that can aid one towards those goals is greatly valuable. This article will give the reader an informative guide to using quotes from the journey of life and using them to reach and impact others in this quest on the modern web. Using the right quote at the right time can change a life; this is a very well-known fact around the world. A quote that can make a difference in someone’s life or in their moment of need has much more value than an amusing quote simply shared for entertainment, although that also has its place. An amusing quote can provide a quick bit of levity to brighten one’s mood, and this should not be overlooked, of course. Many other common types of quotes aside, sharing personal experiences from various points in one’s life usually carries the most impact for the person sharing it and those that can relate to that particular experience. Any quote that powerfully affects the person reading it will likely be remembered, and with contemplation and relative continued experience concerning it, it will be commonly shared and discussed with close friends. This is the core process of how a quote can spread and affect many people for better or for worse. Step back from the hustle and bustle of the hashtag blessed generation, people still love a good story. Life journey quotes from personal stories are timeless and can be retold for generations, but in this day and age, the most effective way to share and spread them to a wide audience is by way of the internet. This next segment will now explain how to take a life journey quote and share it to impact others in a modern web environment.

5. The Transformative Effect of Writing Journey Quotes

The value of the journey quote is its emphasis on the process of change. When one writes a journey quote, they are usually not just describing the end change or result, but usually a pattern of change with a beginning and ending. Through analyzing this pattern of change an author may gain a deeper understanding of the change being described. By writing about the change between two different states, an author can consider what caused the change, what the actual change was, and what the end result of the change will be. This process of reasoning is very useful for those desiring change in their own lives. Often people are unsatisfied with their current state of being but are having difficulty with creating a plan for change and how to actualize it. By reading journey quotes that reflect the desired change, one may create a mental template of the change process and be inspired to follow the same pattern.

The journey of life is a process of change. From the moment we are born, life is perpetually applying stimuli which forces us to change. When faced with the opportunity of adventure or the necessity of hardship, one must navigate the transformation forced upon them. Writing is a perfect medium to depict the changes we go through. It allows us to speculate upon the experience of change and ingrain it in our minds forever. An eloquent form of writing, journey quotes, connects an author to the essence of change, allowing them to become immersed in the transformative experience of depicting change and inspiring change in others.

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