can you do my math homework for me

can you do my math homework for me

The Importance of Doing Your Own Math Homework

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can you do my math homework for me
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1. The Benefits of Solving Math Problems Yourself

The potential benefits of doing your own math problems are best described by a student. Jennifer, a high school geometry student, relates the following experience: “I needed help with math, so I watched a Khan Academy video and then worked a few problems. I was proud of myself and felt smarter than before.” Jennifer was motivated by an increase in self-esteem brought about by her success in solving math problems. This is the sort of motivation that teachers hope to instill in their students. A teacher may know only that it is important to encourage students to do math problems on their own, without knowing the specific reasons why. Ultimately, the motivation and confidence gained from success in solving math problems can spark a student’s interest in a career that requires strong mathematical ability. This is one of the goals of a math teacher, and the process starts with doing math problems.

When a student consults a solution manual for their math homework, they lose the opportunity to understand the material through the process of solving the problems. The possibility of error is something that should not be sidestepped. By going through a problem and making errors, a student is forced to identify where they went wrong – an invaluable skill to have. This skill is best learned through doing math problems. Said Dan, a high school math teacher: “If [my students] could learn that being wrong and learning from that is one of the most powerful learning tools, I would have accomplished a great deal.” Learning from mistakes that you make on your own is a great deal more valuable than learning from others’ mistakes. Mathematics is much like a sport in that the only way to improve is to practice. By making mistakes and learning from them, students can gain confidence and a greater understanding of the subject. This process will inevitably lead to not only a higher math grade, but also a feeling of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.

2. How Doing Your Own Math Homework Helps You Learn

A wrong solution in math can sometimes be more illuminating than a correct one. People learn from their mistakes, and if you never make your own mistakes, you will never learn or remember how to fix them. By doing your own math, you can make your mistakes and have them corrected. You can give explanations of why you tried to do a certain step and it seemed like a good idea at the time. You can talk about missteps: “I multiplied the second equation by 3 when I should have multiplied by 2.” When it comes to homework, there is no more guessing what the teacher was thinking. The teacher was thinking about the solution process and the logic behind it.

Your parents and teachers may be trying to help you by doing your problems for you. They may be under the impression that if they do your math for you, you will be able to do better in the future. The exact opposite is true. Unlike reading or watching television, homework cannot be substituted. You cannot learn what it is like to ride a bicycle by watching someone else do it. Barring an injury, anyone can learn to ride a bike with practice over time. Math is much the same. You internalize abstract skills by doing them.

Your brain largely utilizes two different skills when doing math. One is the ability to follow steps in order (rote thinking) and the other is the capacity to think ahead and create a solution (creative thinking). When you do your own math, you are using both of these skills. Math is not a spectator sport: you learn by doing. Every math problem that gets discussed takes on a life of its own, and the solution process becomes a group activity with an ever-dwindling amount of contributions from the non-winning team. Demonstrating a solution process is not the same as participating in one. Even if (and this is a big if) the solution demonstrated is the same one that would have been reached individually, by not participating, a student is missing a prime opportunity to learn from an ideal teaching situation.

3. The Role of Math Homework in Skill Development

Homework also encourages students to become better critical thinkers. This comes about while they are working on problems in which they get stuck on. With a teacher not being accessible, students must use their problem-solving skills to decide on a plan to attack the problem. They may need to use trial and error or employ a new concept that has not been taught in class. An example of critical thinking on a homework problem would be a geometry student trying to construct an impossible figure, but not knowing that it is impossible until taking a non-Euclidean geometry course. Coming to this realization could be frustrating, but it would have caused the student to think about the impossibility of the figure, which is a very important concept to understand in the study of geometry. This type of thinking is involved in many of the mathematics courses at all levels, and homework is a great way to practice these skills.

We can solve this system by first finding x and y in terms of s and p, then constructing a quadratic equation whose roots are x and y. The quadratic equation can be factored and then solved for the solutions. Finally, the solutions can be determined and substituted back into the original values of x and y. This is a great exercise in developing problem-solving skills since it breaks a problem down into a series of simple and logical steps. Math homework gives students a chance to practice these steps many times, which eventually leads to a level of understanding and intuition that makes the steps come naturally. The practice of problem-solving skills is the most important goal of homework since it is the foundation for learning mathematics.

Let the two numbers be x and y. Then we have the following system of equations: x + y = s xy = p where s is the sum and p is the product.

Math homework plays an important role in teaching students how to become better problem solvers. First, let us consider how homework can help develop problem-solving skills. An example of a problem in an algebra class is the following type: given two numbers, their sum, and their product, find the numbers. This problem can be solved using the following steps:

4. Overcoming Challenges in Math Homework

That delivers concrete, specific, factual (where needed) information relevant to the title for the section. Even the best of us face challenges when doing our math homework. Recognizing and overcoming these challenges is an important part of the learning process. Here are a few specific suggestions and strategies to help you more effectively manage your math homework. Small bites Instead of seeing your math homework as one big, time-consuming task, try to break it down into smaller tasks. Attempt to do each smaller task in a set amount of time (that you decide and control). Focusing attention on one small piece at a time will help to build understanding and skill. If you are working on a computer, make a new folder for each homework session – this can help you to focus on small tasks. Early contact Sometimes a problem in your homework will require an understanding that you have not yet developed. If a problem is taking a long time or seems impossible to solve, try and identify the first step you would need to make and seek assistance (from your lecturer, a tutor, a friend, a class discussion group, or other resources). This is better than repeatedly trying the problem and potentially failing to learn the concept required to solve it. Turning availability into productivity Sometimes homework doesn’t go well because you don’t make the best use of the time you set aside for it. Often students will start their homework with the best intentions, and then become distracted by something else (the phone, TV, internet, other study, etc), or become tired, and so very little gets achieved. Try to avoid such situations by having a plan about when, where and how you are going to do your homework. Turning off the phone and the internet might be a good idea. Treat your homework like a serious study session. This should be a time to consolidate your understanding and learn how to solve problems, so your focus should be on searching for meaning, not just searching for answers. If you find that you are spending a lot of time on one problem but are not making progress, it may be time to seek assistance.

5. Strategies for Successfully Completing Math Homework

The most general strategy is to simply be persistent. If a student finds himself spending too much time on one or two problems, it is best to just move on and ask the teacher in class or come back to the problems later. With the right frame of mind and determination, math homework can be very manageable and, of course, practice makes perfect.

Always do homework without relying on the instructor’s help because when the student tries problems alone, it will become apparent where he/she is clear and where may need more work. If there is a struggle understanding the book, taking notes on the material is often helpful and will serve a student well when studying for tests.

A very important strategy for math homework is to memorize the formulas and theorems that pertain to the particular section of math that the homework is on. Absorbing this information at the beginning of the section will save time in the long run, since there will be no need to search through the book for the given formula when doing related problems. This will also contribute to a clearer understanding of the material and less time spent on homework in the future.

One of the most straightforward strategies for successfully completing math homework is to create a clean and organized workspace. This means clearing a desk of everything not related to math and all necessary materials, such as paper, pencils, and a calculator, should be at hand. No telephone, music or TV should be within earshot, and study time should be scheduled when the student is at his/her best, and not feeling hurried or tired. This contributes to a clear mind that is better able to absorb new information.

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