research proposal template apa

research proposal template apa

Research Proposal Template APA

1. Introduction

B. The need for the study. The recent years have seen increasing amounts of resources spent on studying and preventing ACEs. However, to date, there is no comprehensive representation of the severity of ACEs for the United States and no cost-benefit analysis of policy options to prevent ACEs and mitigate their effects. This leaves a huge knowledge gap that impedes the policy-making process for ACEs and whether actions to prevent ACEs are an investment that would provide net benefits to society. Data for how common ACEs are in the United States and the health effects of ACEs has shown to be very compelling for public health officials and policymakers. After presenting this information in the form of a burden of disease study, we can help to set an agenda showing ACEs as a policy priority and what specific actions would be most effective for preventing ACEs and their effects. Duration audio: 9 mins: 20 seconds Still testing out how long it takes to say things while reading from a script on the fly. Step one is to get to 7:30, and then go back and make things sound more concise and fluid. Step two is to find a way to shorten the duration. Step three would be to find what details I should just talk about and not say in the document.

A. Purpose and rationale. The purpose of this study is to assess the burden of disease for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) by determining their prevalence and calculating years lived with disability (YLD) in the state of Arizona. We use a Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) to determine costs of multiple policy options and to help facilitate the policy-making process. ACEs have been defined as “highly stressful, potentially traumatic events that occur during childhood and/or adolescence” (e.g. violence, psychological abuse or neglect). Numerous studies have proven that ACEs have devastating effects on adult health and behavior, with a strong correlation between a higher number of ACEs and a higher risk of disease and disability. ACEs have been called a “public health issue” as they are a common problem with severe consequences, affecting all Americans either directly or indirectly and compelling increasing amounts of resources to prevent and address the problem. The burden of disease study will provide a comprehensive representation of the severity of ACEs to help determine if ACEs meet the comparative and ethical criteria for being a policy priority and provide insight on what points in the ACEs causal pathway and which types of ACEs need to be targeted in order to be most effective with prevention efforts.

Proposed topic: “The Department of Social Work in the College of Public Service & Community Solutions at Arizona State University seeking burden of disease data for adverse childhood experiences in order to develop Policy Analysis Matrix using and Ad-In.”

2. Literature Review

A similar perspective was adopted by Collins in contemporary conflict theory. He argues that educational testing and achievement are a means by which a middle-class individual can surpass in a capitalist society. It is seen as a form of capital and a prerequisite for upward social mobility. He states that the middle class needs the credentials for career success for their children. It is interesting to note that the lower class would also desire education but with different aspirations for their children. It is inferred that the middle class will “close off genuine possibilities of freedom or viable mobility” for their children. This regardless of the type is an agreement that education is a pathway to changing status and not just a means of distribution.

In the connection between educational achievement and individual factors, income, and other social economic factors, educational theory has shown that an increase in one’s education is closely related to better positions and salaries. This was highlighted by Bowles and Gintis in their widely cited work, where they stated that the overall student experience, both inside and outside the classroom, is consistently influenced by the organizational structures of the workplace and various forms of economically related work. “The educational system generally produces a workforce with attitudes, behaviors, and character traits conducive to the continued fulfillment of enterprise control.” They soon realized that there was a gap to show that advanced education and achievement were associated with different social classes. This was derived by the scientist Davis, Moore, who stated that “interclass mobility can be supported if the educational system serves as a mechanism to identify and shape talent more effectively, allocating individuals into roles that are valued differently.”

3. Methodology

To collect the information for the research, the technique that is used is questionnaires. In this research, the questionnaires are adapted from Belinda S. et al (2008) and Armitage C.J et al (2004) for self-regulating eating and exercise habits. The questionnaires are used to identify whether the students have good or bad habits of eating and exercise. These questionnaires consist of four main questions. For eating habits, there are 16 questions, and for exercise, there are 14 questions. The choices answered by the students are based on Likert scaling, which consists of five different choices: strongly disagree, disagree, uncertain, agree, and strongly agree. This questionnaire method uses paper and pencil because many students are willing to fill out the questionnaire, and it can be done at school or at home. This will take approximately 15 minutes. And to avoid the mistake of coding the choices of the questionnaire one by one, coding software will be used to code all the questionnaire fulfillments. The data are analyzed to determine the relationship between personal self-regulation and individual eating and exercise behavior. The questions used to identify self-regulation of eating and exercise habits and the items of eating and exercise behavior are adapted from Belinda S. et al (2008) and Armitage C.J et al (2004). This method is used to see the direction (negative or positive) between self-regulation and eating and exercise behavior, and the value is Pearson Product Moment. Step by step, from hypothesis to data analysis, the research is expected to be able to be accomplished in at least 3 months.

4. Expected Results

The secondary research involves a preliminary attempt to understand the issues of virtual teams and the predicted future state, with a focus on determining the scope of the problems and its future implications for the technical communicator. This will involve some simple data gathering from today’s virtual team and a survey of various technical communicators. Finally, the results of both the primary and secondary research will be reviewed by some industry informants in the hope of finding the advice that will allow for a positive change.

Provide sentences of a future state like “Virtual teams will be the primary mode of working.” Interviewees will be directed to answer questions from the perspective of their current or past experiences within a virtual team, as well as the expected future state of virtual teams within the field of technical communication. Data from interviews and focus groups will be recorded, transcribed, and then coded for potential themes. With this rendition, the two major stages of data analysis will utilize a comparative ethnography and case study. In search of understanding the intricate details of culture and its effects on virtual teams, coding will be structured to identify culture and communication-related issues before progressing to a comparative analysis of various cultures. These results will be prepared in a clearly outlined report to later act as a key comparative writing. The case study will involve today’s virtual team as the unit of analysis, comparing it with its members’ interviews and observations, to the prior outlines of culture and communication, and then interviews with the anticipation of extending the case study into the future. Create a sample of summarized coded data. Given the depth and intricacy of this research, there will be potential follow-up research to elaborate on issues discovered.

A one-year research project will be completed to gather information on the current and future state of virtual teams in the area of technical communication. The research will include both primary and secondary research. Primary research comprises the majority of the research and is guided by two working research questions: How does culture affect the technical communication within a virtual team? What is the perceived future of virtual teams within the field of technical communication? Primary research methods will include individual interviews and focus groups with a variety of virtual team members. These individuals will be selected based on their experience or study of virtual teams within the field of technical communication. All research participants will come from various locations across the United States.

5. Conclusion

You should also include the possible implications of your study. Keep in mind that if your paper fulfills an applied or clinical science need, your implications could provide a solution to the problem, furthering the cause of the paper. Finally, the conclusion should reiterate the rationale and need for your study and demonstrate that your approach, findings, and interpretations are valid. This could effectively lead to alternative theories and other studies on the same topic.

The conclusion to your paper is equally as important as the rest of your paper. It should provide closure to the whole study and leave the audience, as well as researchers, with the idea that the work accomplished was important, necessary, and worth doing. Restate the problem and purpose of the study, and then provide a succinct description of how your study addressed the issue. Did the method and design fulfill the objectives? How did the exemplification or the actual process of the study provide a solution to the problem? The answer to these questions should be revealed in the discussion and the results of the paper.

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