ryan harman english essay pdf

ryan harman english essay pdf

The Importance of English Language Proficiency

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ryan harman english essay pdf
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1. The Significance of English Language Skills

Proficiency can make the difference in literacy about the process, the use, and the strategies for their application. They add that background abilities and attitudes always affect the motivation and self-confidence of students. The skills of a young learner will determine not only how they learn English, but also how they feel about the process. With English language proficiency, young learners will show high motivation in learning English. They can easily understand teaching materials and reading activities more easily. In addition, ELP is related to the development of memory. With a good memory, young learners can memorize words and information easily and recall them in the learning process. ELP is also related to neural development. The languages received at childhood by the brain survive a lifelong language memory. Given the importance of brain development in the early stages of life and the importance of the performance of English lessons in terms of cognitive and social development, it is necessary to identify the factors that affect these influences. Efficient training poses challenges and prepares for the self-discipline necessary to attend the best university courses. For young learners, the challenge of rigorous learning intense English language proficiency education can also be an important factor influencing students’ area of study.

In today’s society, English language proficiency is one of the essential life skills that young learners should possess. ELP is essential for them to achieve healthy emotional and social development and to have a positive background experience in their journey to English proficiency. The purpose of this study is to investigate the importance of English language proficiency and answer three main questions: What is the importance of English language proficiency? How to help young learners achieve healthy emotional and social development? How to have a positive background experience in their journey to English proficiency?

2. Benefits of English Language Proficiency

The Institute of International Education (IIE) researchers conclude that demand for international education has increased over the past decade, and data indicates that international education in the United States provides value on multiple socio-cultural, academic, economic, and diplomatic fronts. Data also illustrates how international students significantly contribute to the U.S. economy, signaling how diminished enrollments in U.S. institutions would have broad implications. In its Open Doors 2019 report, IIE announced that more than one million international students studied at U.S. institutions during the 2018–2019 academic year. International students, according to immigration policy analysts and First Ladies throughout history, have had the ability to shape American culture by fostering relationships which serve as cultural and societal bridges.

Being proficient in English has many benefits that encourage individuals to invest in their education and improve their language skills. Some students may want to access their independence and increase job opportunities domestically or internationally. Other students may seek personal enrichment and have the ability to learn more about English-speaking cultures. The importance of students achieving higher proficiencies can be far-reaching, as the benefits are not only for the students themselves but also to the institutions that they attend and to their respective employers. Cohen and Liu summarize some of the most common reasons provided by students as to why they want to learn English: (1) New opportunities—English provides job seekers with higher-paying jobs and a wide range of job opportunities; (2) Access to higher education institutions; (3) For achieving communication and fluency.

3. Strategies to Improve English Language Proficiency

Balanced literacy is a combination of whole language and phonics according to Hull. In a balanced reading approach, teachers use components including read-aloud, shared reading, guided reading, and independent reading to teach students to read effectively (Hull). The use of mini-lessons and independent practice are incorporated to help teach writing effectively. Sandoval-Lucero, Orines, and Harris (2011) state that the four resources that are available to every learner are code breaker, which is the process of recognizing sound-to-letters, text participant, which is the process of learner interaction with the text to make sense of it, text user, who uses the text for their own purpose, and text analyst, who are critical thinkers who are able to evaluate the purposeful use of texts. Terminological and text analysis strategies help ELL students get the word recognition they need and think critically versus just read passively.

Students enter the United States at different levels of knowledge and experience with the English language. Some students enter U.S. public schools with limited exposure to the English language, while others are proficient in English. Currently, U.S. public schools are struggling to generate successful ESL specialists, or ESL teachers, who demonstrate that their strategies are effective. Title III of the No Child Left Behind Act aimed to close the existing achievement gaps between students acquiring English and those who already know English. West, Chaney, and Kubota (2007) published that the main instruction ESL teachers use for ELL students relies on sheltered content instruction, under the instruction of mainstream teachers. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which targets five major areas that students need to have fulfilled in order to be successful in an educational setting. These foundational needs contribute to success in all students and should be applied to teaching that focuses on ELL students, according to Oksa (2011).

4. Overcoming Challenges in Learning English

Efforts should be made on their behalf too, being aware that practice makes perfect. They should keep in the textbooks and other educational papers that they receive every year so that they may look at them from time to time. Courses that will offer practice material for nonnative learners of the English language and teachers who help their students boost their self-assurance by appreciating their progress are all necessary. This can be achieved by supplementing the lessons with varied and attractive activities that are meant to develop vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, it is essential to approach English learning as an enjoyable and enriching experience. Learners can engage in several enrichment activities that include clubs, theater shows, art beneficial to language activities, games, debates, simulations, projects, DIY workshops, drama, elevator pitch, an oral examination, games tasks, interactive meetings, and weekly news.

Language teachers are often surprised to find that many students do not have the linguistic abilities that they should have to follow the curriculum of an English course. A considerable amount of class time is spent on reviews and exercises meant to meet the students’ linguistic deficiency level and to maintain their motivation. Most of the students are quick to become demotivated and feel discouraged when they find out that they need extensive practice to cope with the English language demands presented to them for the zillionth time. This is where the gap widens. Students expect to be able to speak English because it is part of the curriculum and the classroom context. They tend to forget the fact that the teacher’s English competence is much higher than that of the beginner students and that the English skills the teacher demonstrates have been finalized by continuous studies, overall a higher number of years compared to the years of primary or secondary education. Sixteen years spent in the educational system is an inadequate period of time for a student to learn how to master the four language skills in English: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

5. Conclusion: Embracing the Power of English Language

Increased English language proficiency helps people engage in better employment opportunities and enables educated and upwardly mobile people across society. People with greater English language proficiency have access to a wider range of employment, which is fundamental for developing the economy, increasing revenue, and improving the nation. At present, the desire for decent work among the internationally mobile groups of educated workers is a huge driving force leading the demand for the unprecedented proficiency of English. For the majority of jobs that require the use of English, the availability of English language as an endowment of human result is considered a great privilege essential for success in life. Moreover, it is important to realize that English is one of the prerequisites for learning several other subjects that students study at school, college, and university. It might not be possible to promote employability and to bring about significant economic growth in the country without a workable policy involving English. Gentle endurance, significant commitment, and suitable methodologies are required to teach and educate non-native speakers to become competent in English.

In the increasingly globalized world, the importance and influence of the English language as an instrument for communication are undeniable. Given the crucial role of English in science, technology, education, administration, commerce, and trade, communication in English language proficiency is a very powerful means for modern society. With regard to this, everyone is required to harness the power of this language in attaining international success. The new efforts to advance English language proficiency in the era of educational reform reveal that English language is not merely envisioned as a language of communication but significantly it is a language to create a worldly community of knowledge and practice among people on a fast-evolving planet. In fact, English language proficiency has become necessary to function in the professional, academic, and cultural realm.

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