the physics homework help online

the physics homework help online

The Fundamentals of Physics: A Comprehensive Guide for Online Homework Help

1. Introduction to Physics

Physics is the most fundamental science, concerned with the fundamental principles that describe the universe. Therefore, we have chosen to make physics the starting point for this document. It will be interesting to see how many intriguing things can be described using a tool as straightforward as physics. In fact, physics is the science which provides the fundamental explanation for everything in the everyday world around us—from electronics and communications, to advanced manufacturing processes, to automobile design, to health and medical technologies, to weather, climate and natural disasters. What we learn is that these latter subjects are but implementations and combinations of the basic ideas of physics.

When many students think of the vast discipline of physics, they find it distinctly less approachable and interesting than science topics that seem warm and fuzzy or have interesting health implications. The goal of this document is to help such students become more familiar with the physical sciences using everyday language, and to help physics students figure out what physics is really about at a fundamental level.

2. Key Concepts and Principles

A force is a vector, having both magnitude and direction. Weight is the force of gravity which acts on all things. Mass is a scalar, having only magnitude. It is the measure of the amount of matter in a particle or body. Inertial mass is the measure of an object’s resistance to a change in its state of motion. Objects in free fall or in orbit are weightless. The concept of inertial mass and the apparent independence of different masses and objects are the basis of physics. They are numbers with which all other masses are compared in terms of weight or force on the object. Momentum is the product of an object’s mass and velocity. The impact of an object depends on the amount of momentum it has at the time of contact. Kinetic energy is the form of energy associated with a moving object. It depends on the mass of the object and how fast it is moving. In collisions, kinetic energy is conserved unless external forces are acting, such as friction. A law is a generalization of the results of many experiments. It tells us what happens but not why, nor does it guarantee that future actions will be the same. Two of the most important concepts of physics, which are difficult to observe directly, are force and mass. These two are important topics in the study of physics. There are three basic forces: the gravitational force, the normal or support force, and the sum of the force necessary to hold an object at rest or to restrain it. A mid-18th century English scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, for whom the universal law of gravitation is named, first defined what a force is. It is a push or pull on an object that can cause it to change direction, speed, or composition or that results from such things. Examples of forces abound; some of them are the force of gravity, the spring force, kinetic or friction force, and the normal or support force. These acts on an object. Typically in elementary physics courses, the mass of an object is simply given in kilograms or grams. However, if asked, most will respond that the mass of an object is the quantity of matter it contains or that the mass of an object is its weight. The force of weight of a particle. Consequently, throughout this guide, the words weight and gravitational forces will be used interchangeably. The measure of the effect of gravity on a specific object is its weight, that is, W. Each material has its own specific stereotypical measure of resistance to a change in motion is inertia. Consequently, the standardized measure of a material’s resistance to motion is called inertia or inertial mass. The term W plus the mass of force F.sub.f – the force needed to cause the change, can be, but are not always, equal. For example, when F.sub.f is greater than W is used to stop a falling object, the net acceleration becomes negative, and the object is accelerated in the opposite direction to that of its motion.

3. Problem-Solving Strategies

– Understand the known quantities in Newton’s second law and use them to solve for the unknown. What are the known quantities? Choose the most insightful approach to the problem. – It is important in close interaction problems to carefully choose your approach to them. For example, there are some very simple problems that cannot be done well using Newton’s Second Law.

3.2. Particle Dynamics

– Is the problem one-dimensional or two-dimensional? – Identify your data. Construct a diagram if one is not provided. – Choose the appropriate scientific law(s) that might apply to your problem. Identify the known quantities. – Use the known quantities to solve for the unknown, describing the process. – Exercise special care in identifying and solving problems involving the constant speed of light. It is the crucial central principle in special relativity.

3.1. Classical Mechanics

In your academic coursework in physics, you will encounter a variety of problem-solving strategies. Use the following as guidelines for successful completion of your homework and study questions.

4. Online Resources and Tools for Physics Homework Help

Fundamentals of physics homework help will benefit students taking a course in physics in many ways. First, it will give you the tools you need to make good grades on significant tests or assessment procedures. The grades don’t just represent a general knowledge of physics, but will also determine how attractive you will be to employers and universities alike. Second, it helps you understand how the principles we learn in physics interact and may affect you in your day-to-day life.

Getting help with physics homework should be simple. When you find the physical sciences offerings at your school less than inspiring, turning to an online collection of academic resources is the best thing to do. For example, the physics homework help from StudyDaddy encompasses a wide range of essential services that will improve your general knowledge of the subject. Whether you are in high school or your academic knowledge of physics comes from higher education, you will still find what you need on this site.

5. Practice Problems and Solutions

Five challenge problems in Connect allow you to work through unique versions of five problems that are realistic exercises modeled after the types of physics problems you will encounter in your classes at any level of your education. These differ from the book and culminate in a higher level of thinking and application. Each problem has multiple attempts (10 for homework, 3 for quizzes) and the full solution to help you solve the next question. If you are feeling up to the challenge, fire up the problems that offer you a tougher time.

Five practice problems in Connect offer six multiple choice questions and two ranking tasks with answer feedback. Five additional practice problems allow unique versions just for you to help you get prepared or assess your understanding. Each problem has multiple attempts (10 for homework, 3 for quizzes) and the full solution to help you solve the next question. These problems differ from the textbook and are provided for extra practice at the end of the chapter.

If you’re looking for a stepping stone toward the fun and excitement of studying physics in a physics course, try out the following sample problems with our solutions.

The resources in Connect offer interactive activities to help you develop a conceptual understanding of the material in this chapter. These include dynamic images, chapter summary reviews, and interactive quizzes.

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